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Proverb: Ga ke je matlhatsa ke se nca : Not going back on one's word

Proverb: Korwe ga ke je ke bapalela tsetse : A responsible man will remember the family wellbeing first

Proverb: Matlho ga a je sa motho : There is no harm in admiring

Proverb: Modimo ga a je nkabo : God makes no mistakes

Proverb: Moeng goroga re je ka wena : The best food is served to please visitors

Proverb: Moeng goroga re je nama : The best food is served to please visitors

Proverb: Ngwaga o sa nthateng feta ke je : Ring out the old, ring in the new

Proverb: Segolo ga se je : A large vessel holds the contents, however small

Proverb: Tau ga e je e duma, e lela, e laletse tlhaselo : When one raises their voice, they are getting ready to fight

Proverb: Tlotlo ga le meletse, ke je mo mpeng : Don't let go of one branch until they've got hold of the next

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