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   /kgo-nwa /


Being attained

Being persuaded

Being induced

Proverb: Bo podi ba kgonwa ke ba ba dinaka : What goes around comes around

Proverb: Dikgomo di kgora mmele, motlhala o sale nageng, di kgonwa ke mosadi you o tsalang dithulaganyane : One with a large family needs to have more wealth

Proverb: Dinaka tsa podi di kgonwa ke go lela di lebagane : Better One unhappy with a situation should express their complaint face to face

Proverb: Kgetse ya tsie e kgonwa ka go tshwaraganelwa : There is strength in numbers

Proverb: Merogolwana ya tsatsing e kgonwa ke go lela e lebagane : Those in quarrel must be made to talk face to face

Proverb: Mphemphe o a lapisa motho o kgonwa ke sa gagwe : Always begging can alienate you from you close one's

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